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“Music of Forever” is a unique, engaging dramatic-musical presentation of the Life of Jesus Christ from the perspective of biblical characters who encountered him as he walked the earth. With a balance of humor and seriousness, Alan and Hillary Lathan held our attention and allowed us to see and hear the Gospel clearly and compellingly. They do this from sincere hearts for proclaiming the love of Christ. I am glad to give them my recommendation.

Dr. Andy Roby

First Baptist Church


 "Music of Forever," a Melodic Drama of the Life of Christ is an impressive piece of work by a gifted musician and writer.  Hillary Lathan has captured in modern language the story of the life of Jesus Christ as viewed by various eye witnesses to the events.  This is a unique work and worthy of presentation in any venue where Christian art is welcome.  Two characteristics stood out for me in the layout:

1.  The creation of this drama exhibits considerable thought and desire for conformity to the Holy Scriptures.

2.  From my careful reading, I did not find any obvious variances or inconsistencies with the Word.

Thank you, Hillary and Alan, for collaborating to construct such a beautiful, meaningful project that is so worthy of presentation to audiences of any age.


Rev. Dewey Murphy

Semi-Retired Presbyterian Minister

Charlotte, NC

April 2015


To whom it may concern:

Music of Forever is the biggest blessing we received since I began my ministry here in Walterboro 4 years ago.  Alan & Hillary are both professional and have been gifted by God with incredible talent!!

I highly recommend that you have them perform in your congregation.  Our members were elated with joy and the sense of well-being from receiving this blessing from God through His servants, Alan & Hillary.


Rev. Lou Vellia

Pastor, First Christian Church

Walterboro, SC



With the inventive blend of music and dramatic monologues, Alan and Hillary Lathan have managed to capture the story of Jesus in a compelling presentation entitled "Music of Forever."  Incorporating familiar songs of various musical styles, they evoke a wide array of emotions as they take us on a journey that begins in the anticipation of a Messiah and ends with our Resurrected Lord.  I was surprised by how quickly the journey went, and yet how creatively we touched the broad scope of Jesus' birth, ministry, crucifixtion and resurrection.  Hillary has written a thoughtful original script; Alan's theatrical talents bring it to life, as he assumes various roles in what is essentially a one-man production.  Alan's strong tenor voice and Hillary's piano accompaniment makes "Music of Forever" echo in our hearts long after the curtain goes down.


Dr. Jim Wooten

Pastor/Baptist Church of Beaufort

Beaufort, SC

May 2015



Alan Lathan is an extremely talented and versatile actor whom I have seen connect with an audience while holding them in the palm of his hand.  I highly recommend Alan as a true artist.


Mark Cabaniss/Producer-Songwriter-Playwright-President, Alfred Sacred Music/Nashville, TN

March 2015




Not too many years ago, I met Alan Lathan when he played Scrooge in a traveling version of my adaptation of the Dickens classic (see the web site of Dramatic Publishing, the company that licenses performance rights).


 I found him a dedicated professional who brought enthusiasm and expertise to the show, and I would urge you to consider him for whatever role you may be casting.


Sincerely, John Jakes/New York Times Bestselling Author-Bearer of 5  Honorary Doctorates from Universities-Actor-Director-Playwright-also known as America's history teacher, Jakes is famous for the "North and South" trilogy.

December 2014




I am writing as a reference for Mrs. Hillary Lathan.  I have heard her piano artistry on several occasions and have been very impressed with her wide repertoire and expressive style.


 She is quite comfortable playing any type of music; from show tunes to classical, from contemporary praise music to the old hymns.  She plays with confidence and a beautiful touch.


 Recently while I was playing the pipe organ and Mrs. Lathan was on the piano, the organ malfunctioned and had to be turned completely off.  Mrs. Lathan rose immediately to the occasion and skillfully accompanied the congregation, the choir, and several solo numbers as well.  This was a spur of the moment, surprise circumstance, but it gave me a unique appreciation of her talent.


 She is very skillful and has a wonderful personality.  She would be an excellent addition to any music ministry.


Mary Hope Roseneau/Organist Baptist Church of Beaufort.

October 2014




I am the Minister of Music at Sea Island Presbyterian Church, Beaufort, SC.  My responsibilities include directing several choirs, playing the organ for worship services, and supervising volunteers who lead some of the music groups.


 I would like to share my experience working with Hillary Lathan.  A few years ago, I needed an accompanist for a Christmas Concert I was conducting at my church.  I hired Hillary to play the piano.  She did a fine job.  Not only did she prepare the music well, she followed my conducting without hesitation.  She played for my singing groups, and also played a special part on the piano with other instruments.


 In addition to her fine musicianship which was displayed during this concert, she was a delight to work with.  Her attitude was positive.  She was very cooperative.  Based on my experience with Hillary, I would recommend her for consideration for a job.


Charles D. Frost/Board of Directors, Beaufort Orchestra-Minister of Music-Organist-Editorial Committee (2013) for the Presbyterian Hymnal "Glory to God" 

October 2014



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