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Our Ministry

"This is a unique work and worthy of presentation in any venue where Christian art is welcome."

Rev. Dewey Murphy


"Music of Forever" is a year-round ministry and appropriate for all seasons.


We not only minister in church sanctuaries, but can present the drama to smaller groups, such as Seniors, Youth, Fellowship Hall settings, etc.



"Music of Forever" 

"Music of Forever" grew out of a lifetime of experience in ministry, music, and drama. The Lathans both come from strong Christian backgrounds and are so excited to share their original melodic drama with you! 


Having served as musicians in many different denominations has given them an extremely unique experience in Christianity. Their drama is ecumenical and is uplifting for Christians as well as the non-churched. 


The music presented encompasses multiple styles. The listener will hear Classical, Gospel, Reggae, Rock, and Contemporary songs all within a Christian setting. There is something for everyone to be able to connect with the love of Christ.


Stirring soliloquies from those close to Jesus will engage and carry the audience into the world of hope everlasting!


In just under an hour, your assembly will be transported into the world of Jesus Christ as they witness his ministry of everlasting love. 


Come meet those who were closest to Jesus...

Hear their stories,

Witness their miracles,

Be present at the Resurrection!!!


This intimate production provides Alan with the setting necessary to bring the audience into the world of the Christ as he takes you on the journey of Jesus and his ministry, while Hillary sets the atmosphere with sacred piano pieces that encompass music from contemporary to classical styles.


Follow the path of love led by Jesus. 


Share in His


"Music of Forever!!!"






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