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"Your presentation is a clear telling of the Gospel"

Rev. Roger Capps

Pastor, Foreign Mission Board


Alan Lathan​

Alan, a classically trained tenor and actor, having entertained in Europe, North America, and the Caribbean, is equally comfortable in theatre or operatic settings. He excels at conducting and is currently the music director at a local church.  Alan's first choir was in his home church at age 19. He traveled from college on weekends and Wednesdays to lead this group. Since that time many choral groups have had the benefit of either having him sing with them, or be led by his baton. While in college at Brevard and Catawba he developed a love of theatre as well. Alan's military service found him stationed in Berlin, where he lived for three and a half years and was the Music Center Director for the United States Army Berlin, Germany. Upon returning to the states, he became proficient in Sign Language as well while studying at CFNI,  incorporating that skill into his music. Throughout his life, Alan has been involved in local church ministry and drama. He had the great good fortune of studying privately in the studio of Claire Simmons-Allan, retired Met vocal master. Mrs. Allan imparted the wonderful vocal technique that Alan uses, which allows him to have not only the beautifully produced sound tone, but also the stamina to carry an entire production. 


"I have ministered for many years, and believe this program conveys the Gospel in a way that anyone can understand. My hope for this ministry is that it touches lives and changes lives for the better!!!"



Hillary Lathan

Hillary, pianist, arranger, writer, has been performing music as a professional since high school. Her first position was as a church pianist. She is adept at accompanying, having played for her parents' duets. Many church choirs have benefited from her musicianship. Hillary taught music and had her own piano studio for many years, however, her heart has led her into performance. Writing has never been far from her creative pursuits. It is with great joy that she is able to combine her music and writing into this one production. Hillary has performed in various venues from churches of multiple denominations, to concert settings, to fine dining.  These experiences have given her a unique perspective on all styles of worship and music. Managing Alan's career has enabled her to delve deep into the inner workings of theatre. All of this life experience was poured into "Music of Forever." 


"I want people to hear God's love in all the differing styles of music. My hope is that through this drama, Jesus will become someone real that people will want to know as His love is expressed. 


It is the most important work I have ever done!!!"



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