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Alan & Hillary Lathan

held our attention and allowed us to see and hear the Gospel clearly and compellingly.

Dr. Andy Roby

First Baptist Church



"Your ministry of proclaiming the Gospel through song and drama is well done and a greatly needed approach to storytelling of the Biblical narratives."

               Dr. Andy Roby

Alan & Hillary Lathan

Alan & Hillary have been involved with music and drama ministry for many years.  Alan is currently the Minister of Music at a church.


After a successful year on the road presenting their unique drama about the life of Christ, they found a home with the Historic Grace AME Chapel, 502 Charles Street, Beaufort, SC.  The drama was presented every Friday and Saturday at 6 PM beginning July 1, 2017.  The Lathans were so thankful that God has opened this door!!! 


The Presentation is  still  available for bookings in other venues as desired.


 Hillary is an accomplished pianist/accompanist as well as a writer.  This is not her first venture in writing but it is her favorite because it deals with what is special to her.


Alan has been a soloist, actor,  and minister of music.  He has always had a desire for drama and this allows him to use his skill to share the love of Christ.

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