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A Melodic Drama of the

Life of Christ


Come meet those who were closest to Jesus...

Hear their stories,

Witness their miracles,

Be present at the Resurrection!!!


 Follow the path of love led by Jesus.







"Music of Forever" is a year-round ministry and appropriate for any time.


Contact us regarding booking Music of Forever to come to your location.

(843) 694-7262



(c) Copyright 2015 by Hillary and Alan Lathan

Gabriel has an Exciting Announcement:















In addition to traveling to various locations to present our musical drama, we were happy to have also secured a local location at

historic Grace Chapel at 502 Charles Street, Beaufort, SC as the local home of "Music of Forever!!!" for nine months.  This lovely Church was our Theatre every Friday and Saturday at 6 pm.  God opened this Amazing Door and We were Thrilled...


 We Celebrated Christ Jesus.  We established the ONLY Christian Professional Theatre in the Region.  The Lord has moved us on from this venture and we are seeking what He wants for the ministry.  Please pray with us for His leading to share Jesus with the world!!!!!!!

"Thank You Lord, We want to Thank You Lord!!!"

Gabriel Performing

Gabriel is Filled with Praises to God

Grace AME Chapel

Historic Grace Chapel is located within Walking Distance of Downtown Beaufort.  Come Enjoy the Musical Hour and Walk to Dinner.  Tourists and Locals alike are invited...

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